Dear Starfish,

I am not sure what to call the 3D artwork , but you are right - it is made from 20 paper circles of paper with the edges folded in to form an equilateral triangle.

It is made by first folding in the edges on each triangle . I used a rigid cardboard triangle to fold around. I made the triangle by trial and error and it is quite accurate but there is probably an accurate mathematical way to do it also.

Paper circles can be bought or you can cut them out yourself. We used 10cm. or 12cm circles in a variety of colours. Firstly staple 10 circles together so they form a ring - this is the central band of the sphere.

Next make the top of the sphere by stapling 5 circles together to form a cap. Arrange them first like a pizza with 5 slices so you can see which edges to join together. Do the same for the bottom. Then simply staple the top and the bottom to the middle section to form a 'sphere'.Try to staple close to the fold line so the sphere keeps its shape.

Glue may be used if you have the time. Attach string to the top and
streamers from the bottom for a decorative look.

I call this project "Celebration Ball" and I first made it a long time ago
with some Year 9 students as a Christmas decoration. I found the idea
in a very old paper craft book which I found in a library and have just
remembered it ever since.

This project presented a few difficulties for some Year 3 students but is definitely suitable for Year 4 and up. This project can be finished in one session (about 1.5hrs.) if the circles are pre-cut.

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