Dot Painting Lesson

Dot Painting Lesson

Our Uni student Jane did some paintings during her Prac with our class which examined the use of dots by Australian Aboriginal artists. 

Before the Europeans came to Australia, dots were used to decorate the body for special ceremonies. 


Now, many contemporary Aboriginal artists use dots to paint on canvas and paper.

How to Make a Dot Painting.

- pieces of black art paper

- coloured Brenex squares

- red, yellow, orange, and white paints in palettes

- scissors

- glue

- pencils

- cotton tips

- motivational pictures of artworks by Aboriginal artists          


1. Trace the outline of your hand onto a coloured Brenex square.
2. Cut around the outline.

3. Repeat for the other hand.

4. Decide where you are going to paste the hands so that it makes an interesting design.

5. Glue both hands onto the black paper.

6. Dip the cotton tips into the paint and create a design on the hands or on the background.

7. Refer to Aboriginal artistsí pictures for inspiration on your design.

Aboriginal Dot Paintings

Aboriginal Dot Paintings

Aboriginal Dot Paintings

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