3d animation with children

3d animation
In our class we asked our teacher if he knew how Pixar made the characters in Toy Story and Finding Nemo.
3d animation
He said he didn't know but he then went and had a look on the Internet and found out that they use very expensive software.
3d animation
3d animation He then found us this piece of free software called Anim8or. We downloaded it from this site http://www.anim8or.com/ and he learnt it with us.

We think you'll agree that these characters look pretty cool.

This is a message we received from the creator of the Anim8or program :)

Very nice. It looks to me like the boy on the skateboard is a little afraid of the evil snowman! I like the other characters, too, especially the crab. He's probably still looking for Nemo I guess. Someone should tell him that Nemo made it back home OK!
I'm glad that you find Anim8or useful, especially for 8 through 10 year olds. I try very hard to make Anim8or simple to learn but still capable of some high quality work. It's great to hear that your class is able to use it.Thanks, everybody, for showing me your work. Keep on Anim8ing!


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