Make Your Own Bookmark 

How to Make a Cool Bookmark

Bookmark Bookmark mascot

What you need:

1 permanent marker

Thick water colour paper

Assorted coloured inks 


A Ruler

Laminating facilities

A thin paintbrush

How to Make it:

1. Cut the cardboard to approximately 17 cms in length and 4 1/2 cms in width. 

2. Write your name with the permanent marker so the letters touch the top and bottom of the cardboard.

3. Open a bottle of ink, take the paint brush and gently dab the ink onto the paper. Use a variety of colours.

4. Paint a deferent pattern on the other side using the colours ie the side without your name on it.

5. Laminate it .


NB For added effect some of our class plaited some coloured wool and made a tassel for the bookmark. We attached the plaits by making a hole in one end with a hole punch and then tying the wool through the hole.


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