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If you can't hang it on the wall or see it in a gallery and you can't buy or sell it, is it still art?
New York environmental artist Christo became famous for wrapping things - in thousands of kilometres of fabric -from motor bikes, bridges, buildings, islands and even sections of the coastline!

These projects were expensive and some took years to plan but Christo and Jeanne Claude his wife have paid for it all themselves (by selling earlier artworks and designs of the projects) but the art projects themselves make no money at all and are sometimes only there for a couple of weeks.
Christo has explained his work as being about freedom - freedom to change the environment and see things differently. He made public art to help people see the world with new eyes.

1. To create our own wrapped art we started with lots of different objects to wrap. We chose things which have easily identifiable shapes such as toys, dolls,teddy bears,and iron, a hammer, kitchen utensils, a ukelele, a small chair, boots, stilleto shoes, a tennis racquet and even a small artificial Christmas tree.

2. Have a variety of wrapping and tying materials on hand so there is a lot of variety within the class. We used white cotton fabric, coloured fabric, plastic food wrap, aluminium foil, wool, rope, ribbon,braid,flyscreen,canvas, brown paper, elastic, string and any other flexible materials you can think of.

3. Wrap away! Use the cord, string etc. to fasten the wrapping material to the object. Try to make sure the shape of the object can be seen under the wrapping otherwise everything will end up looking like a present!

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