Fauvism Art Lesson   


Fauvism Portraits

1. Were there any qualities of line or colour that you were hoping for us to explore in this activity?

This art activity was definitely all about colour as an expressive element. I did not intend anyone to use naturalistic colour for these portraits, I wanted some exploration of colour as a means of showing mood and feeling.

Fauvist Artwork
Fauvist Artwork
 2. How do you feel the use of colour influences the mood of this artwork?

 I hope that the use of colour shows a kind of freedom and freshness - like the art of small children who are not trying to use realistic colour. Bright colour brings a sense of joy to art as well as making you look at things in a new way.

3. What, if any, emotions were you hoping for the
artworks to express?

The portraits were not intended to show any one emotion but I guess  they are definitely not sad and sombre - I would say they are fresh and  exciting and hopefully happy and fun.

Fauvist Artwork

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