Before we did our artwork Jo, our art teacher, told us some history about Paul Klee like that he was good at art, writing, music and poetry got his ideas from plants, people, animals, fish, birds and buildings.

Jo also told us that Paul Klee was born in Switzerland but moved and lived in Germany.
Paul Klee lived from 1879-1940, he was 61 when he died.

When we made some Paul Klee art work we started off with a piece of old newspaper, hessian, paper and a pencil.

Firstly we drew our designs on our pieces of paper [The designs were like Paul Klee’s]. Next we put the paper on the hessian. After that we painted the paper with four colours only, to represent hot and cold colours. Next we had to make our designs stand out so we went over our designs with black crayon. After that we cut off any frizzy bits so the designs didn't look ugly. Next we stuck the picture onto a black piece of cardboard to make everything look nice and stand out.

We thought our artworks looked beautiful.

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