How to Make a Solstice Lantern

Cutting out the Hole
What you need :

1 balloon

Wallpaper Paste,
Tissue paper or Grease proof paper
A Stick
1Tealight candle
Coloured tissue paper.

What to do :
Blow up the balloon to about the size of your head and tie it.

2 Rip up paper to about the size of your hand.
Wet the balloon with water.

4 Coat an area of the balloon with glue and pat the paper on.
5 Create 5 layers of paper and glue.
NB: If  paper won't stick use more glue.

6  Allow to dry and add more glue stick the coloured paper on let dry then cut a hole in the top.
7 Attach string as shown [at the top of page] then tie to a stick.
8 Place a tealight candle in the bottom of the lantern and light it.

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