Our Mandalas

The Starfish class’ first art activity for the year was the creation of Friendship Mandalas.

Friendship Mandala

A mandala is a mystic symbol of the universe. It is a circle enclosed in a square. Our art teacher Jo wanted us to create a symbol of our universe and also work as a collaborative group.

Firstly Jo explained how the activity was to run. She showed us how to draw on the cardboard circles with pastels and chalk. Jo also showed us examples of Mandalas.  

Next Jo put us in groups of four and handed one black circle to each person. She then put on a relaxing CD and we began by drawing a symbol in the centre of the cardboard. After five minutes of silent creating we passed our Mandalas around the group one person to the left and then they continued our design. We repeated this rotation two more times until each group member had contributed to the design.
Friendship Mandala
The end product of this lesson looked great. Most people worked really well together but some became a little concerned about what was happening to ‘their’ work.

We feel that the activity was rather successful as we all produced beautiful artworks in co-operative groups.