How to Make a Light Sensitive Artwork


Light sensitive paper (ask your local Art supplier about this)
A hard cover book big enough to fit under the paper
A collection of 'interesting' small objects (eg shells,hairclips,
necklaces, lace ribbons, keys, scissors etc.)
A baking tray covered with water to a depth of about 5cm
Strong direct sunlight
Thin white cardboard (optional)


1. Place the light sensitive paper on top of the book.
2. In the shade, carefully arrange the objects in a creative way onto the paper.
3. Take the book, paper and objects into the direct sunlight for 2 minutes.
4. Return the book, paper and objects to the shade and remove the objects
from the paper.
5. Place the light sensitive paper into the water for approximately 5 minutes.
6. Slowly remove the paper from the water with your fingers and place it on the
newspaper to dry.
7. Once dry, mount the artwork on white card with glue.



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