Silk Painting
in the Starfish Class

1. Dear Jo,

Can you outline how you went about making these artworks with us?

Firstly I stretched a small rectangle of white silk evenly and tightly across a plastic food container and fixed it there with tape and rubber bands. This is so the silk was not touching a base surface when it was being drawn and painted on. Next I lightly drew on my design in pencil using a sketch I had already done on paper. It is easier to paint if the design is divided into smaller segments, a bit like a stained glass window.

Colourful seashell
After drawing the design I went around the outlines in gutta,  a special outlining paint which creates a leak-proof  barrier between segments and colours. When the gutta dried I painted the design one segment at a time, making sure that the inks were blended while still wet to leave a smooth gradation of colour.

I tried to use at least two colours which would blend well for each part of the design, for example instead of doing a leaf plain green, I would do an edge of darker green and blend light green into the middle. After the painting was completed I carefully cut the silk from its frame and used glue to stick it to a cardboard frame, making sure it was stretched tightly and evenly.

Cat Under Rainbow

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