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Graffiti on the Fence

(a Book Review)

Graffiti on the Fence
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on the Fence

‘Graffiti on the Fence’ is the third novel by author Elaine Forestal. The book is realistic teen fiction that deals with the theme of generational differences.

The story is centred around a Yr6 student named Hellz. Hellz is a misunderstood skate rat who hangs out on the streets until late at night with his mates. Throughout the story he manages to get himself into all sorts of trouble.

‘Graffiti on the Fence’ focuses on the relationship between Hellz and an old woman living in his street named Lallie who he initially thinks is a witch.


We feel that the most interesting part of the book was how the writer describes and develops the characters throughout the narrative.

Whilst we feel the ending of the story is a little cliché, we think this book would make excellent reading for any young boy.

Graffiti on the Fence StarStarStarand a half stars.
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