The Iron Woman - by Ted Hughes - a Book Children's Review

The Iron Woman
by Ted Hughes 

{a children's book review} 

The Iron Woman is the sequel to Ted Hughes' 1968 novel 'The Iron Man'.

The narrative is set in a small industrial city and centres on a young girl named Lucy. Lucy befriends a giant iron woman who emerges from a local polluted swamp. The Iron Woman is on a mission to stop world pollution by destroying all the factories that harm the natural world.

We feel the characters in this novel are easy to visualise and we think that this story will amaze you with how creatively it explores environmental issues.

Whilst many of the members of our class were not hooked right from the beginning of the narrative, we persevered and by the end really got into the book.

We think the message of the book admirable.

Cover of 'The Iron Woman'
Children's Book Review
Dion - and a half
As I felt the beginning of the story was a bit slow.
Naomi& a half
It's a magical story and I like stories of this kind.
Savanah& a half
It will touch your heart.
I liked the imaginative way the
plot dealt with the pollution of our planet.


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