Children's Book Review Scale
Book Review Key

One Star - Leave it on the shelf. It's covered in dust for good reason.
Two Stars - When your mum asks you what your book is like, you shrug your shoulders, look at the floor and say quietly, ‘Mmmm…yeah... it’s OooKay’.

Three Stars
- It is a pretty good book but nothing to really rave about. It’s got a few good moments but in the end it’s a toss up, should I keep reading, or do my homework? … You then choose your homework.

Four Stars
- A must read. This book is well worth getting into trouble for reading it under your blankets at night with a torch.

Five Stars
- Pleeeese Mum. Pleeeese! I'll eat my broccoli! I'll make my bed for the rest of eternity! I'll do anything for you, but my life won't be worth living unless I can finish this book.

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