Tom Jones Saves The World
by Steven Herrick

(a children's book review)

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'Tom Jones Saves the World' is a humourous little story about a boy trapped in a walled suberbia with a mum who has a  secret and a dad who talks 'twaddle' and collects bottle tops.

Tom has a friend  named Cleopatra  and her parents are odd as well. Together Tom and Cleo hatch a plan to get Tom’s dad and his grandfather talking again.

Tom Jones Saves the World is an entertaining short story  with a moral for us all.

Ariel = 3 stars

Naomi = 3 stars

 Samantha =3 stars

As an aside, we had the chance to meet Steven Herrick at the Byron Writers’ Festival.

When we were speaking to Steven Eva asked him how the title of the book is related to the text? Steven thought this was an excellent question and responded with, ‘I think the story is about each of us helping one another and in this way we each save the world in little bits’.
Book Review Cover

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