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During Week 8 of Term 2 we listened to two of Paul Jennings’ short stories on CD. Here is what we thought.

Story One - Lighthouse Blues

Lighthouse Blues is an unreal story that is nicely written. It is set on an island with a haunted lighthouse. The main character in the story is Anton. Anton arrives at the island to be the assistant to the lighthouse keeper Stan.

One night Anton wakes up to hear a clarinet playing. He goes to the lighthouse music room to investigate and sees something really spooky. Have a listen to this story to see how the clarinet, the saxophone and the bulldozer all fit together                                        

We especially liked the way the music added to the mood of the story.

Unreal CD Cover - Paul Jennings

Story Two - Lucky Lips

Lucky Lips is an entertaining story that is set in a small town. The main character is Marcus who gets into a lot of trouble with a magic lip stick. The lip stick causes females to smother him with kisses. There is a great twist at the end of this story that is well worth hearing.

The main problem in the story occurs at the local carnival when the show queen cannot help herself and has to kiss Marcus.

Have a listen to this story and you’ll get a really good laugh.

We liked this retelling of the story because Paul Jennings is such an imaginative writer .

Our group rated this CD 3 and a half stars.

starstarcool li'le star 1/2
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