Bird Cinquain Poem
Our casual teacher Minh set us a challenge to create cinquain poems
about birds that we see around our town of Byron Bay.

Firstly,she showed us the structure of the poem:

line 1 - two syllables 

line 2 - four syllables 

line 3 - six syllables

line 4 - eight syllables

line 5 - two syllables

Minh then set us to work in groups and come up with ideas of our own. 
Here are the ideas that we came up with:

hunts in the sea

eats fish and soggy chips 

webbed feet for swimming in water

sea bird

Click the photo to hear us read
bird, lorikeet

blue head, a green collar

all flashing colours, bright plumage


Click the photo to hear us read


bashes prey on the ground 

eats lizards, snakes, invertebrates


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