Concrete Poetry

Concrete poetry uses words, visual images and layout to make a funny comment.

    How to Write  a Concrete Poem

What you need: 

- 1 piece of paper
- 1 pen
- coloured pencils
- 1 lead pencil
- a little imagination

How to do it:

1. Choose an animal or an object.
2. Visualise your object doing 3 things and write them down.

3. Lightly draw a pencil outline of your animal or thing.

4. Get your spelling corrected.

5. Write your poem (in lead pencil) over the top of your picture outline.

6. Go over the top of your lead writing with pen.

7. Rub out your pencil lines.

8. Colour the picture in.

Here are some examples from our class
A Concrete Poem about Whales

Those giant whale bones, they must weigh a tonne, they're so big you would have to carry them in a truck. They can easily crush a car. 
Heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaavvvvve hooooooooooe.


A Starfish Concrete Poem

CC the starfish lying on the water shimmering like the stars. Sticky little legs sticking to the rocks like an octopus. In comes a wave. Shells and stones go back into the sea but CC the starfish holds on tight. Shhhhhh.


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