How to Write a Dylan Thomas Portrait 

A Dylan Thomas Portrait is a type of poetry that tries to get people to use words in an adventurous way. Each portrait tries to capture the essence or basic nature of its subject.
This is how we wrote our Dylan Thomas portraits.

Step 1 - Write a question like this.

Have you ever seen a _______?

Have you ever heard a _________?
Then write 4 adjectives followed by nouns like this ''clever- class, growing-genius......etc'' 

Here is some examples from our classroom

Have you ever seen a dog?
Yapping-canine, licking-lightly,

Cuddly-puppies, growing-doggies.
This is a cool Dog

Have you ever seen a disco?
Dazzling-lights, hip-hop-dancers,

Elvis like -Impersonators, Weird Wigs.
Have you ever seen a baby?
Cute-faced, Cries-Daily,

Smelly-Nappies, Delicate Heads.