Graffiti On The Fence Cinquains

Graffiti on The Fence Cover

One day recently when our teacher Adrian is away sick, or doing some computer stuff, our replacement teacher Minh came in and taught us how to write cinquains. 

Cinquains are five lined poems and Minh asked us to write our poetry based on the novel we were reading at the time called 'Graffiti on the Fence'.

NB You can read a our review of this novel here

Here is the structure Minh gave us to help us write cinquains.
Line 1 - one word to name the subject.
Line 2 - two words to describe the subject.
Two friends
Line 3 - three words to describe the subject.
Naughty, cheeky, spoilt
Line 4 - :a four or five word phrase describing the
subject (a thought and not a complete sentence).
Does not care much
Line 5 - one word that means the same thing
as the first word, or a word that sums it all up.
Here are some of our examples that we produced on the day. 
noisy, fast
biking, crashing, riding
heavy helmet, wind in your face
Spray paint
graffiti can
Writing on the fence 
heavy spray can in his pocket
Pretty then trampled
stunning, crushing, drooping
Lallie is shocked
very beautiful
wrecked, broken, demolished
compost is scattered around

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