Martian Title

It's fun riding on the edge of the valles marineris


yay,i'm going to be the first to climb olympus mons

I'm Freezing

Where's all the Water

Dear Sparks,

I thought it would be hot, but in some areas are -160 degrees C and they have ice caps here! I’m going down to the bottom of Valles Marineris today to try and find some fossils and I think there's a dead mars rover down there. Later I'm going to the top of Olympus Mon and I think there's going to be a global dust storm soon.

Bye from Loki  and Zac

Dear Sparks,

Yesterday I climbed 17km to the top of Olympus Mons and when I got to the top I nearly fell into the caldera! Anyway, today I tried to hang glide over Valles Marinares but unfortunately the atmosphere thinner here than on Earth so I fell in. It took me three days to walk back up. Right now I'm stuck in a global duststorm. It has been raging for three weeks. I hope it will stop soon.

cya Fynn

Dear Sparks,

I think I found a fossil of a fish in an old dry lake bed, this fish could have lived millions of years ago. I think a dust storm covered the lake, the fish probably tried to swim over to that ice cap over there. I'm going to check it out, after that I'm going to climb Olympus Mons and absail down the Valles Marineris.
I'm catching a rocket tomorrow and it'll probably take about a year to get home. So, see you next year.
Your friend  Andre the Seal.


Dear Sparks,
I just  reached the top of  the Olympus Mons and let me tell you something, IT'S 17 KILOMETERS it took me about half a year to get up the top. It took me that long because there was no bus and  I'm a turtle and I Have to admit I'm pretty slow. Tomorrow I'm going fossil hunting I'm very excited.
Well I'll see you soon.

From Monisha and Ziah

P.S. It's really cold so could you send me some pants and jumpers and don't forget medium size for me because I'm a turtle of course. Oh,  AND PLEASE HURRY! Or I'm going to freeze to death.     

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