How to Make a Land Yacht
You will need:
                       1 plastic container
                       3 skewers
                       8 paddle pop sticks
                       4 wheels
                       1 texta (any color)
                       1 piece of A4 paper
                       1 electric fan

What to do: 
1) Place a hole in the middle of the container.
2) Put a skewer in the middle of the hole and sticky tape it 
    down so it cannot move. 
3) Sticky tape 2 paddle pop sticks to the bottom and top of  your
piece of paper.
4) Put your piece of paper on the skewer and use tape to attach the piece of paper to the skewer.
5) Break your spare skewer in half.
6) Put 4 holes on the side of your container.
7) Insert the skewers into the holes of your container.
8) Put a single wheel on each side of your skewers.
9) Use the rest of your equipment to make it look nice.
10) When you have finished get the classroom tables and put them in a row.
11) Place the fan at the end of the tables and put the land yacht in front of the fan.
12) Turn on the fan and watch it go.

Graph of how far our yachts travelled

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