African Musician's Visit

Late in Term Two a visiting African musician and dancer called Fabio came to the Byron Community
School as part of our music program.

Firstly the classes assembled in front of the music room. Following this Fabio introduced himself and
showed us his intruments e.g. the mbira (thumb piano) and hoshos (gord shakers).

Traditional instruments with a Coffee Cup

Fabio playing the mbira
After that Fabio strapped shakers to his ankles and did a traditional stick dance. This dance involved lots of jumping and twirling of the stick. The dance was very entertaining.
Fabio Leading us in Dance
One of the dads playing drums

Once Fabio was finished his dance and had caught his breath he sang a traditional song with the mbiar. After the applause died down Fabio then answered many questions from the audience.

Straight after the questions Fabio invited as all up to dance with him. This went on for about 15 minutes and we all had an excellent time.

Fabio was a very talented man. He was most entertaining and very inspirational.



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