Bookworms Right at Home

Us Checking out the books at the Writers' Festival
Bookworms: Ivy, Marley, Elsie, Kali at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival.

"Books are brain movies," said Marley

TELEVISION, the Internet, computer games - who needs books?
We do! say Byron Community School students Ivy, Marley, Kali and Elsie, who all prefer a good book to the TV any day.
The nine and ten year olds each spend three hours a day on their favourite  pass time, sometimes even more. “Some days Mum says, ‘Come on - it’s dinner time', but you don’t want to put down the book,” Marley said. 
All four agreed that TV and computers were fun but nothing compared to a good read. " It’s a brain movie. You can imagine things in your head, not just see them on the screen," said Marley. 
The keen readers were part of an appreciative audience at Byron Bay Writers' Festival when children’s authors Andrew Daddo and Jackie French took to the stage.


 NB The Starfish class would like to thank Kate O’Neill from the Northern Star for this wonderful newspaper article about us.