The Gyuto Monks at the Byron Community School

Last Tuesday our school had a visit from the Gyuto monks from India.

When I arrived at school everyone went to the Whales' Room (Yr5/6) to meet the monks. First we learnt how to say good morning in Tibetan: "Tashi Delah". 

Next we could ask questions and found out that they get sick like us; the master is in his 50s and the others are 40, 30 and 20 years old.

The monks then sang a strong chant for us. The translator was funny and he thinks he looks like Jacky Chan. After he had a few jokes with us we broke up into small groups. My group made flowers out of coloured butter. Then we did Tibetan finger knitting with the Master Monk. He made me a bracelet and a

After we had lunch we went to the Starfish Room (Yr3/4 our class) to draw and colour mandalas.

The last activity was really cool. They made a trumpet shape out of cardboard, then put sand in it and on our desks we drew mandalas with the sand.

It was a long day and I enjoyed every minute of the monks' visit.


Hear and see the 
Monks chanting here.

Video 1 - 298Kb
Video 2 - 301Kb

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