A nother one of Kim's turtle silk paintings
Kim Michelle Toft visits the Byron Community School
A seahorse silk painting of Kims
Kim getting the starfish class to identify one of her paintings to her book Early in Term 3 at the Byron Community School the Starfish class was visited by the Australian shortlisted author and illustrator Kim Michelle Toft.

Firstly we went down to the Music room where Kim had set
up a variety of her work. Her artworks were very large and very impressive. Once we were quite she introduced herself and showed us several of the books that she had written and illustrated.

Next Kim walked around some of her paintings and asked us to identify with the books the paintings were from. Once we had finished looking at the painting she read us one of her stories and we acted it out. Most of us enjoyed the opportunity to express and experience the story.

Kim reading  the Starfish one of her books

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