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Cool Science Websites
Check out some of these Science sites and see what you can discover.

Science news stories courtesy of ABC Science Online. 
[Click on any headline for the full story].


It has a spell check
built into the browser.
That's gotta save you some time.

How might the Google Pack tools be useful for you & your students?







put some books here

Yucky Gross & Cool Body
- Science of the Body - My favourite site :)

Questacon - A Hands on Science Centre in Canberra

Steve Spanglar (The Science Guru) - His Experiments - His Videos

The Exploratorium - a hands-on museum of science, art and human
perception in San Francisco.

Discovery Science- WOW!

Primary Schools Science - Type in 'Science' here and get amazing experiments - the mouse trap car looks like fun

Science Fair Central - Heaps of Ideas for running a Science Fair.

BBC Science News - The latest.

School Zone Primary Science - Type in 'Science' & Your age group to find some fantastic stuff..

The Greenhouse Effect - What is it? How is it different from Ozone depletion?...and much more!

Sci-Seek - is an online Science Search Engine.

Do it Yourself Science - heaps of Science you can do yourself.

How Stuff Works - A little techo but a great resource.

Science Net Links - Find resources for your grade.

ZooM ScienCe - Cool Science Activities

THe ScIEnCe eXpLoReR - Good Rainy Day Activities
Double Helix Club - Heaps of Stuff Here

Nye Labs - Check out the Home Demos

The Lab - The ABC's Science Page
online science
Scientriffic - Great new Science Magazine for 5 to 7 year olds

Science Hotlists - 40 odd great Science sites that change often.

Surf the Net for Kids - Science Links
- Many, many different Science sites from an online newsletter dedicated to educating children.

New The World's No. 1 Science and Technology News Service.
The Why Files - Science Behind the News.

Ontario Science Centre - Some More Science Fun.

4 000 Years of Women in Science - There Are Many.

The Science Spot - Lessons, trivia,etc

Reeko's Mad Science Lab - ' science experiments for parents, teachers, and children of all ages.'

Science at the National Library of Australia - Many More Links

CSIRO - This body does Scientific and Industrial research for Australia.

Australian Science Teachers' Association - 'Enriching Science Teaching'

online science
The most beautiful
thing we can
experience is the mysterious. It is the
source of all true art
and science.





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