How to Teach Writing - Recount - A Collection of Teaching Resources to Help Teach the Recount Genre

  For the first time in nearly 20 years I'm teaming with my long term friend Sean to create the definitive source of resources for teaching Recount. We have about 45 years teaching experience between us so are hoping to create something very useful over the next few months.
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What is a Recount?

Where is
Recount found?

The Structure of Recount

The Orientation


What is 'Chronological Order'?


The Re-orientation - What is it? Why is it used? How not to forget it :)

Powerful Planning Ideas


Mind Maps

Death by 'and then'

Word Bank - Words that show the passing of time.  

Examples of Recount





How to 'annotate'- No marks!!! Give feedback on how to improve etc







Writing Resources
(Heaps of Useful Stuff)



teaching writing teaching writing