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An image has Rotational Symmetry if there is a centre point around
which the object is turned a certain number of degrees and the object
still looks the same, ie it matches itself a number of times while it is being rotated.

Rotational Symmetry Lesson

Since this triangle will match itself 3 times as it is
rotated it is said to have rotational symmetry of
Order 3.

Rotational Symmetry Online Lesson

This flower has rotational symmetry of Order 5 since it matches itself 5 times..

Since all the toppings are  placed so evenly, this pizza has rotational symmetry of
der 6
Rotational Symmetry Online Lesson

Rotational Symmetry Online Lesson

Look carefully at the image on the left. Where is it from?

Notice that it has rotational symmetry of order 2?

Where could you look to see if you have any images that have rotational symmetry?

NB According to some Math Syllabuses,
'... if an object only matches itself once...
it is
NOT considered to have rotational symmetry.'

Challenge - Make a teaching aid to demonstrate rotational symmetry using paper, scissors and a thumb tack?

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