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Challenge - Use a graphics application to create a shape,
pattern or letter that has one line of symmetry.

Made with MS Paint in the early 2000s :-)

1. Start Paint / resize the work area to approximately
5cm by 3cm.

Computer Art Pic

2. Draw in a variety of shapes using the drawing and shape tools.
NB Experiment with holding the Shift button down while you are drawing as well as changing the line thickness.

3. Press Ctrl and A at the same time to select the whole image. Then press Ctrl and X to cut the image to the clipboard (don't worry that it has dissappeared).

4. Drag the workspace out larger by using the arrow that appears in the bottom right hand corner when you place your mouse over it.

Computer Art Pic

5. Press Ctrl V to paste your shape into the workspage (you can colour the image at this point if you wish) and then press Ctrl a second time to paste a second copy of the image over the top of the first.

6. Place the mouse over the image and hold down the left mouse and drag the images apart.
Computer Art Pic

7 Whilst the second image is selected select Image / Flip and Rotate / Flip Horizontal then line the two images up.

8. Resize the workspace around the image and and colour it.

Computer Art Pic
9. To save the file select File / Save As / then use the drop down menu to select Graphic Interchange Format (*.gif). This will save the file small enough to use as a webpage background that will tessellate. Computer Art Pic
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