Many Artists Use Symmetry in their Work

There's No Place Like HomeLeonardo da Vinci's Artwork
symmetry in art symmetry in art

The 'Proportions of Man' is a famous work of art by
Leonardo da Vinci

that shows symmetry in the human form.

The Proportions of Man

Can you think of examples of symmetry inside the body? 
e.g. the kidneys, the brain, the skull.

How symmetrical are they? Ask a doctor as you might be surprised.

Leonardo da Vinci

Look at the trees, the patterns in the brickwork, the table,
placement of characters and you will find symmetry.
Where else can you see examples in this painting?

symmetry in art symmetry in art
Symmetry Home

symmetry in art symmetry in art

Line Symmetry symmetry in art

Symmetry of  Reflections in Water