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Here's a worksheet that people have made to go with my website.
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 1. Here's a really great site that includes other examples of  symmetry and much, much  more. Also, notice how Jill has a link to our site so now we have a link to hers. :)


2. At this site you'll find out more about the Symmetry of Rugs.


3. Here is a great little onscreen activity that lets you generate all sorts of different symmetrical patterns.

Wow - This is the site and here is the
technical maths stuff (theory) that goes with it.

4. This site takes a little while to load but has some excellent animations that aid the understanding of line symmetry and rotational symmetry.

The BBC Education site


5. Drawing with Symmetry - use this applet to explore various aspects of symmetry. Then challenge your friends to draw objects with it using symmetry.
6. Isis Symmetry - for those looking for things a little techo.
7. At the BBC use Flash animations to demonstrate aspects of symmetry. Check out the section on proving rectangles don't have 4 lines of symmetry.
8. Symmetry of Flags Why not send your students off to this site to track down a flag with 2 lines of symmetry or even rotational symmetry.
9. Symmetry Expert JigsawA new strategy for you to try :)


All About SymmetryAll About Symmetry
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