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Kaleidoscope for math

kaleidoscope for webquest

A kaleidoscope is a small tube in which the viewer can see beautiful colours and designs that feature rotational symmetry.

Kaleidoscope pic worksheets

The image inside a kaleidoscope changes when it  is turned because the coloured glass or plastic inside the cylinder moves. As a result of this movement the mirrors, which are arranged to reflect a pattern several times, create different patterns.

Rotational Symmetry through the kaleidoscope

Rotational Symmetry through the kaleidoscope

These images were made by made by taking digital photos through the hole in the kaleidoscope above.

Maybe you could have a go at this in your class and print them out for a wall display.

Now it's time to have a little fun on your screen or an interactive whiteboard!

1. Write your name into the spaces below & press GO.
2. Move the mouse pointer over the black area to make different patterns.
3. Experiment with different words and symbols to make your own patterns of rotational symmetry Order 4.


Line Symmetry Line Symmetry

Line Symmetry Line Symmetry
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