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The Article from the Australian Educational Journal - 'Education Today'
Educational Journal

Technology switches on the “education light bulb” for digital natives.
Congratulations to technology teacher, Mr Adrian Bruce, from Emmanuel Anglican College in Ballina on the mid north coast of NSW. Mr Bruce was nominated successfully last term for an Education Today Achievement

Mr Bruce recently won the prestigious Microsoft Innovative Teachers'
Award for fostering student growth through the use of technology.
Today, students are the digital natives in the classroom and they
expect technology to be used as a key tool to enhance their education experience.

This NSW teacher is a leader in ICT nationally and he has shown how
technology can be integrated into all subject areas to make learning
more exciting and more challenging.

His aim is to switch students onto learning using technology as the
lever. Mr Bruce uses ICT to increase his student’s enthusiasm and he uses different approaches to tailor learning to meet individual needs.

Fostering student collaboration through technology was a key theme in his entry into the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award.

His project involved students at Emmanuel Anglican College working
together to build web pages, create 3D animations and compose digital music. He said that technology made the real and positive difference across the curriculum. “Technology has created a group of learners working together to solve problems,” he said. “It also gives students access to a level of creativity that has never existed before.

“I also collaborate with teachers from all over Australia and the world. “We share resources and offer advice almost instantly. I now count my immediate colleagues as those on a worldwide stage whereas once it was just my grade partner in the room next door.”

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