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How to Add Video to Your Blog

Hi All,

Everyday there are new educational websites and 'learning communities' popping up all over the Internet. As learners, it is our job to check them out and see if we can use them in either a creative, practical, educational or recreational way.


Your Task:

Part 1 - Go to TeacherTube and find a video that either:
- helps you with your learning
- is a resouce that you can recommend to your class to help them with a concept you are dealing with
- or is just plain interesting and you think your audience should see it.
- teaches a 'life lesson'

Transport Me to the World of TeacherTube

Part 2 - Copy and Paste the 'embeddable' code from TeacherTube into you Blogmeister article.

Part 3 - Write full, flowing answers to the following questions:

- Briefly describe the content of the video you chose.
- Why did you choose this video?
- Who (no individual names) would benefit from watching this video.
- What sort of person might make a video like this?
- List 3 reasons why you think the author might have taken the time to make this video and then work out how to upload it to TeacherTube?
- List 3 possible negative effects of people using TeacherTube.
- How might your life as a student be different now that you have been introduced to TeacherTube as a way of learning?
- If you had the opportunity, what would you video would you post to TeacherTube?

Feel free to link directly to this page from your blog if you'd like your students to try out this activity.

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