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Art Software
Art Software

Dear World,

Artrage is a great little program that enables you and the students to make your own virtual artwork. There is a 'cut down' version of the program that you can use for free which is very good.


Art Software

Tips and Tricks:

* Experiment with ALL the tools esp the palette knife.

* Use the mouse in one hand and the keyboard in the other. It ups your productivity. The arrow keys increase and decrease the size of the brushes.

* Try out the 'trace image' tool by importing one of your own photos and paint over it. 'T' is the hotkey to turn the tracing image on and off.

* Use a Flickr creative commons photo and the tracing feature to create artwork for your blog or assignment.

* Entertain the younger kids by importing a portrait of - yourself, the principal, a class member etc into the trace image feature. They do tend to laugh a lot. This is heaps of fun.

* My classes love the saying, 'Painting with a mouse is like picking your nose with your elbow'.

* Have the students download it at home.

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ArtRage is free from Ambient Designs

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