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Digital Photography pic
Digital Photography pic
Some Tips and Tricks

Dear World,

Recently I've been experimenting with an Open Source piece of graphic manipilation software called The Gimp. This software has many of the same features of packages like Photoshop and Ulead, but it is free.

Digital Photography

In the New South Wales Art syllabus it encourages students to experiment with computer software to produce artworks.

This was made by scanning a doll and then experimenting with the colour tools and the filters.

Ideas for classroom activities:

* compare the features of demo versions of commercial software with the open source software.

* have the students take head and shoulders photos of each other with a digital camera and then experiment with manipulating the portraits with The Gimp. This activity is heaps of fun and there are heaps of laughs to be had :) NB I tend not to let them experiment with each others' portraits as often they do not like the way they appear.

* Produce poetry over a copyright free photo.

* redesign a bookcover

* scan real 3D objects and manipulate them to make an artwork.

* Explore the the layers function and the SCAMPER process like in these postcards that I had the children enter in a competion. They children won 17 prizes :)

* Scan the blackline outline of a colouring in competition and have the children colour the resulting image with The Gimp. My students once did this and won tickets to the movies.

Tips and Tricks:

* Pair students up and assign them all different filters to experiment with and then report back to the group. This will enable you to learn the program more quickly.

* Have the students experiment with Tools / Colour Tools - You'll find heaps of artistic effects here.

* Ban 'writing on' or 'drawing on' the photo to avoid cliches and head to a more photographic response.

* Explore & discuss computer graphics on book covers, magazines and on TV then try to emulate them using The Gimp.

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