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Make HUGE artworks for your bedroom, classroom displays, noticeboards, teacher farewells etc

Certainly creates a great
deal of discussion :)

Dear World,

This is piece of free software can take an ordinary digital photo and BLOW it up to any size you require. 140 A4 pages by 140 A4 is quite achievable.

large print

large print

The little photo above was blown up to 3 A4 sheets of paper wide and 3 A4 sheets high. The kids love having a picture of their favourite person in the whole world staring back at them all day long... no matter what they are doing ;-)


You can:

* use a digital photo to create HUGE artworks
* choose how big you want the photo to print out
* choose to have it come out in colour or black and white

Tips and Tricks:

* ask the person if they'd like a huge picture of themselves before you stick it up in their room. You don't want to scare them :)
* use the stand alone version rather than the one that emails you pdfs.
* encourage the children to print out their images on their home machines to keep your systems administrator on side :)
* develop a system for cutting and pasting the images. If you lose a page it gets messy.

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Download the Rasterbator and have a
heap of fun blowing things up

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