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Tips and Tricks for
Beginning Fractal Theory :)

Dear World,

Most of the maths in our syllabuses (That's right, there are no syllabi) is between 3 000 and 500 years old. So let's get the students exploring some really, really new stuff link FRACTALS!
fractal image

What is a fractal? - basically a mathematical way of trying to describe the shapes in nature.

fractal image
Fractal image
Let's get a little awe and wonder happening in our classrooms.
Fractal image
The Mandelbrot Set

Ideas for classroom activities:

* To save yourself a little time, set the following homework - What is a fractal? Who was Mandelbrot? How do you make a fractal? How do fractals relate to coast lines or leaves of trees? Are fractals really the geometry of nature or just pretty pictures on a computer screen? Why or Why not? Why couldn't Shrek or other 3D movies be made without fractals? Discuss this homework at whole class level and admit that you have no idea what fractals are. The kids will love telling you all about them :)

* Visit the playground to look for examples of fractals eg the trees against the horizon, hills against the horizon, the edge of the clouds...

* Write ecphrastic poetry asking questions of a variety of fractals.

* Compose a fractal photostory from fractals generated in Fractalus. Pretty impressive hey?

Tips and Tricks:

* Start Fractalus / File/Load Parameters/Gallery and Experiment your little heart out :)

* Left mouse drills into the fractal, right mouse drills out.

* Take screen dumps of fractals that the students think are fantastic (print screen button) and save them to a common folder for printing or future work.

* Make a wall display of colour printouts of fractals generated in Fractalus in a place in the school where they will lead to discussion.

Fractal Generation Software
Download Fractalus for free and
have a heap of fun exploring
infinity in the very small.

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