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digital photo editing software
















Dear World,

Paint.Net is a free piece of image and photo manipulation software.

digital photo editing software

Features: unlimited undo, special effects filters, cropping, paint fill, brightness and contrast, layers, colour correction and many others. NB This photo editing software has many of the same features as Paintshop Pro and Photoshop but it is free :)

Best Feature - has a tool that allows graphics to be optimised for your blog or Internet page.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use the procedures on my Blogging Site to take screen dumps and optimise photos for your blog or Internet page.

- Take digital photographs of children's artworks - turn off the flash and place it in direct window light.

digital photo editin

- Use some online art sites like then take a screen dmp of the page and use Paint.Net to get it ready for your blog.

digital photo editin

- try to get the students to use if different ways ie - to manipulate an artwork, to enhance a photograph or to indulge in the cliche use of filters :)

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