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Some Tips and Tricks to STOP SPYWARE

Dear World,

In my job I'm always encouraging teachers and students to experiment with free software but I always mention to them that it is important to cover yourself against spyware.

Spyware is malicious software that attempts to send some of your personal private data to another person and you really don't want anyone having access to your data.

I run a piece of free software on my laptop from time to time called Spybot. It often discovers spyware on my system and deals with it quickly and effectively. This software has rectified many of my students' and teachers' computer problems.

NB If this software solves a problem for you, consider giving a donation to the person who developed it.

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Ideas for classroom activities:

* Set a homework research task on spyware. What is it? What can it do? Why is it a problem? Are the people who develop this software really criminals? Why or why not?
Design a poster for your room that tells of the dangers of spyware
Display posters around your computers about spyware.
* Find a testimonial of a person who has been a victim of spyware

e.g. I once worked in a place where a person borrowed a computer and downloaded some less than reputable software. A few weeks later the bank noticed that money was disappearing from a bank account and was being transferred overseas. This was a result of spyware finding bank details on the computer and sending them on to another person who used the data to steal from the bank account.

The moral here is that it is not hard to protect yourself from
spyware ;) Just download Spybot and run it from time to time.

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