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Summary - Future Pinball allows you to create and play your very own virtual pinball machines in real time 3D using an 'object orientated' interface.

Future Pinball is Free Software used to created this!

Not bad for a piece of free software.

The software has all the materials the genre requires to make a neat pinball machine - bumpers, lights, flippers, gates, triggers, targets, add music and customise the table with your own graphics..

future pinball interface

Getting Started

I spent about 20 minutes scanning and exploring parts of this tutorial and got to know the basics. Future Pinball has an easy and rather intuative interface.

Future Pinball Tutorial File

Tips & Tricks

- Set two students on one computer to gain the most from problem solving
- Spend 1/2 an hour on it yourself the night before. Share what you found & invite your students to tinker.
- Be sure your students know the difference between 'testing' & 'playing' ;-)
- Set problems you don't know the answer to eg How do we get our own pictures into the game?

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