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Drag & Drop Video Game Making

Youtube is a great learning tool!!!

GameMaker offers a simple way of making video games without having to learn any scripting language. What I really like is that you can download GameMaker games then 'pull them apart' to see how they work. You can also modify these games to make them your own.

A Video Game Programmed in GameMaker   Video Game made with Gamemaker


* a fully graphical interface
* the ability to create games by dragging and dropping premade computer artwork & clicking a few buttons. Too easy!
* easily create shooters, platformers, puzzles & retro style arcade games
* free for school and at home use.
* the ability to create stand alone exe files that you can distribute free of charge and even sell if you want to.

Video Game Programming INterfac

Tips and Tricks:

* Use these video game making tutorials to help you get started.
* Don't wait to use it with students until you know it all. Install the software, give them the tutorials and learn alongside of them.
* downoad some of the extra packs for extra character and stuff.
* place the game on the school network and ask the other teachers to allow the kids to test out the games to provide feedback.
* Have the programmers create an online survey at Survey Monkey that the students must fill in after playing the game. (In one of my classes the students had over 50 surveys filled in - great feedback and market research)

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