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Dearest World,

In Australia it is considered 'good form' to buy someone a drink who has done a good job or favour for you.

I've given away about 900 000 games
and teaching resources so far this year to anyone who needs them anywhere in the world.

- Two Nice Beers = $10
- Six Nice Beers = $17
- Cointreau = $40 a bottle
- Wild Turkey = $43 a bottle
- Southern Comfort = $34
- Coffee
- Water name but a few

I often have to remember that each download has its own story...

eg I love your charts and posters we don't get to see good ones here in Nigeria. Keep it up and thanks a lot! Biyai, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

My heartfelt thanks to you for your noble contribution. It will definitely make a great difference. Kamali, INDIA

I am a missionary in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. I work several days a week at a orphanage for little girls. There are several little girls that cannot go to public school because they don't know how to read. I have limited supplies and money and so it is nice to find something I can use to help them learn. These little girls have received a lot of abuse in their short little lives and it is hard for them to learn. I will make a match game to help them learn the alphabet. Then we will start on the sounds. If I can get them up to first grade level the school will accept them and they will be able to go to school. Thank you for the free material. As we progress I will come back to your web site for more material.
Sister F

Electronically sending my family and I an online gift voucher to the Australian book store Dymocks eliminates any international postage associated with the Wish List :)


Adrian Bruce
2 Eskimo Ct Wollongbar,
New South Wales,
Australia 2477.

NB Here's a sort of funny story - a person sent me a check for $20 American and it was going to cost me $50 Australian to get it processed at the bank. You have to laugh :)
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