The Ultimate Paper Plane - Further? Higher? More Tricks?
(an excellent opportunity for research and the investigation of variables)










Over the course of the next week you must seek out 'the mother of all paper aeroplane design'. You must make the model and then tweak it to either achieve maximum distance, maximum loops before hitting the ground or maximum height. NB for this last one you will need a clinometer.

Tips & Tricks:

  • let the librarian know what is on as I once had a child take out all the books from the library so no other child could borrow them.
  • transport models in plastic freezer bags. Place the model in the bag and blow up the bag. Next tie the bag with a knot or rubber band. This way the models don't get crushed on the way to school.
  • define the rules of competition before you begin ie each model will receive 3 throws and the result will be determined by an average of these 3 throws.
  • function verses form - it is more important that it works rather than how good it looks. No colouring in!
  • SAFETY - throw only when there is no one in front of you.

Presentation Ideas:

  • make creative mobiles in your room
  • blog a learning journal entry

Community Building:

  • have your students visit other classrooms to show them how to fold the new models
  • have a lunchtime flying the new models


  • Have your own secret wepeon plane to pull out when the going gets interesting. The kids love that you tried as well. They especially like it when their models 'kick your butt' lol
  • keep the procedural text of the best plane so you can kick some butt with your next class :)
  • if you can find a paper plane called 'the manta' then make it out of a large sheet of stiff art paper it should beat all comers for distance.

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