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Make a Cartoon of Your Favourite Joke
(...but let's make sure you can tell it to the principal hehehe)

comic strip from Make Belief Comics
(Oops a convention of comic strips is to use ALL CAPITALS)

Our world is filled with political cartoons, Disney cartoons and online cartoons. You will find that many of your students spend a great deal of time watching cartoon channels.

I feel that comic strips and cartoon books can be very powerful and engaging literacy tools not to mention a whole heap of fun. So let's tap into their passion for the genre.

Comic Strip Task One: Using one to the online sites below make a two panel cartoon strip of your favourite LAME joke. You can aim is to make your audience groan with just how lame the joke is.

- Make Belief Comics - This is my favourite.

- Stripcreator - lots of options on this one.

- Patent Place - Nice feel and style.

- Read Write Think - Nice drawing style in this one.

- Strip Generator - Very interesting style used in this one.

- Story Creator 2 - For the longer story.

- Captain Underpants - Just press the start button for a little toilet humour :)

- Toondoo - Flash based and if you sign up you can embed the strips into your blog. (This one is for older students - make sure you read the 'terms of service' and check with your parents before signing up).

comic strip

Extension -take a screen dump of your comic strip and add it to your blog but not the Captain Underpants one as the copyright for that character would belong to the author.

Comic Strip Task Two: Covert a well known story or event into a comic strip using pencils, paper, an eraser and a black felt tip pen.

Comic Strip Task Three: Use the websites provided to produce a short comic strip about something you are passionate about.

Comic Strip Task Four: Using the websites above create a comic strip of a joke that will make an adult laugh. NB you will need to use a clever play on words rather than something that will make a child laugh.

online comic strip

Comic Strip Task Five: In a group of 4 convert a fable into a comic strip. Hints - You will need to sub-task a lot and be very clear on the design decisions you all make.

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