Keeping a Dream Diary - Celebrate the Dreams of Children

Keep a Dream Diary for Creative Inspiration
(Students love to Talk About Their Dreams)

Dream Interpretation

Last night Ginsberg was reading Beat Poetry to a disinterested porcelain cat who wished only to be known as Bono while Tom Waits (who'd been drinking again) was smashing my dinner plates into the sink ;)

Introduction: Do you dream in black and white or colour? Do you dream in full movies or do you see flashes of images? Do you remember your dreams all day or only for a fleeting period when you wake up?

There are many theories on dreaming. Some say dreams give you a deep insight into your current thinking. Some say your dreams are you working through your waking life's problems. Some say dreams are simply the different parts of your brain entertaining and interacting randomly throughout the night during your long resting period. In the end, dreams are interesting and can be a great source of creative inspiration. And sometimes, the dreamscape can be just plain silly.

Most people only remember their dreams for a very short time after they wake up so keep a pen and paper by your bed and record them as soon as you wake up.

I once read at Uni that at the end of a lifetime of studying dreams, Karl Jung was asked if he could interpret any dream, to which he had to confess that he didn't know what it might mean.

Initial Task: You are to keep a pen and paper by your bed this week and each time you wake up you are to record in point form the dreams you remember from the night.

Experiment - only if you want to, try eating some cheese before you go to bed to see if your dreams change any in their nature. Some of the Surrealist painters used to do this to enhance their dreams.

Possible Tasks

- Sit in a circles of 5 students and have them read their 'favourite' or 'most interesting' dream to the group.
- What do you think the dream is trying to tell you?
- What do you think this dream might mean?
- How is the dream related to anything happening in your life at the moment?

Little Joke - "Now people there are some dreams that you really don't need to share with your teacher. Maybe you should share them with your parents or friends... or maybe you should just keep them to yourself" :)



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