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You must create yourself three juggling balls and learn to juggle them. Performances will be held at the front of the class in groups of 5 to reduce any stress or apprehension that you might feel. You have seven days until the performance.

NB The classroom teacher WILL / MUST demonstrate being a lifelong learner and work on their juggling and do a solo performance in front of the class or full school assembly. I find the kids love it if you drop them a couple of times like you really have no idea and then when you get into a rhythm start humming circus music. Believe me, the parents hear about what you've been up to in class that day :)


- How will you find out how to make juggling balls?

  • where would be the most appropriate place to look?
  • what search terms might you use in a search engine?
  • I find ones made with balloons and rice really good
  • cut the top off a PET bottle and use it as a funnel to get the rice into the balloon.
  • 4 balloons for each ball saves getting the cleaners off side :)

- An activity like this lends itself well to discussions on:

  • failure and success
  • giving up too early and what that may lead to
  • strategies for success
  • that failure in many people increases their desire to succeed
  • internal satisfaction we experience when we succeed or learn a new skill.

Interesting Observation:

- This is usually the first homework task I set for a new class and I'd say I've probably set it with about 8 of my classes. If you choose to use it be prepared for some very interesting responses ranging from 'Why the heck are you doing that?' 'It's too hard for them' to 'My mum is an occupational therapist and she likes you already because you are doing left brain / right brain stuff with us so you must know what you are on about' lol


Here's an article on the benefits of juggling for just a little light reading.

Here is a simple site with tips and tricks and a few little movies on juggling.

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