Learn Magic Tricks! Become a Magician! Put on a Magic Show!
Unleash Some Magic in Your Classroom
Magic Show


With a partner from this class you must find and rehearse six magic tricks that will amaze and fascinate your classmates. You have seven days to prepare this performance so it has to be entertaining. We will have several shows over the course of next week and from that we will (create digital movies, do performances for other classes in the school, go busking at lunchtime, do an assembly item, or some such thing)


- What are some of the places you could find solutions to a task like this?

  • ask a friend or a parent if they have a favourite trick they could show you
  • borrow a book from a library
  • see if your local DVD shop has any movies
  • do a web search
  • do any of your friends have a magic kit they could share with you?

- What will be the key features of a performance like this?

  • you must have outrageous stage names
  • the show must be done in the format of master and sidekick
  • HAM IT UP! - You are all in this together so enjoy it so entertain each other
  • no matter how lame the trick the audience must be 'astounded' and show appreciation
  • All banter is to be grandiose.

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