The Story of my Birth

My Birth - Just What Did Happen That Day Mum?
(a nice time for parents to sit with children & 'fill them in')



Sit down with a parent and interview them about the day you were born. How did the day unfold? How did it all happen? Where were you? Where were you when your waters broke? How long was the labour? Did you have pain relief? Just how much pain were you in? Was it a natural birth? Was I a caesarian section? Were there any complications? Was Dad in the room? Who cut the cord? What time was I born? What was the first thing you said to me? How did you feel when I finally arrived? Were there any funny stories that you can look back on now and laugh? + any other questions you can think of.

Tips & Tricks

Once the children have all the information, produce a recount scaffold and write up the adventure as a recount. Publish it to 'nice paper' and present it to the parents at Yr6 farewell or some such occasion. Always gets a tear or two.

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